Graphic Designer Visual Information Specialist

New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park
December 4, 2020
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The project revolves around video editing of musical performances or interpretive/ educational talks that are filmed with or for the JAZZ National Historical Park. 

The Park has created a robust Social Media and online presence by creating videos of live performances to be streamed.  The internship will continue this with creating new video content from previous footage, create intros and outros, create captioning, create original banners or internet posters for events, edit footage, apply transitions and effects, and, by the end of their internship, have a small portfolio of work that can be used for their electronic resume. 

The intern will work closely with the supervisor and virtual work is quite acceptable though they will need a computer that can run robust programs like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro X.  In addition to video editing, picture manipulation skills will also be used as the incorporation of photos into projects is essential. Photoshop or a similar program will be utilized on a daily basis.  The intern will have the opportunity to use all of the aforementioned skills to create videos and posts that will be shown on the parks social media as well as on the parks official governmental page.

The culminating project will be to organize a concert, either live or virtual, receive the footage, edit the material with all of the skills that they have been using on much smaller projects, and create a featured concert that will be streamed via social media and the park website.

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