Graphic Artist/Illustrator (DHA-RA)

Tumacácori National Historical Park
December 8, 2020
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The intern will render elements of the park story into a graphic format such as a comic, print, doodle fiction, manga, animatic, or other audio-visual media. The goal is to take a seemingly arcade historical period – but one with extraordinary modern relevance – and bring it into the 21st-century creative space. This will advance Tumacácori’s efforts to share its relevance with younger and more underserved audiences, as well as celebrate the cultural heritage that the park protects.

At least three products will be delivered: one for a general audience, one for a curriculum-based distance learning module, and one for children. The intern may adapt existing content such as park publications, exhibits, and images or develop a wholly new product. The choice of media will be determined by the artist’s skill and interest and the intended audience. Mentorship will include support for 21st-century interpretive skills, NPS graphic identity principles, accuracy, inclusion, and accessibility.

The park will be able to apply the intern’s work to interpretive programs, social media, and curriculum-based education efforts.

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