Education and Interpretation Intern

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Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial Youth and Family program interns will develop bilingual education and interpretation programs and products for use at the park site and within the surrounding community.

In 2017 and 2018, Latino Heritage Interns at LIBO developed and nurtured working relationships with the Association of Latino Americans in Southern Indiana (ALASI). Together they created an event called “Fiesta in the Park” which took place on LIBO park grounds. The intent of the event was to develop connections between the park and an underserved community within the park’s surrounding area. The relationships that were created have been hampered by the ongoing COVID pandemic and LIBO would like to reconnect with this audience.

Throughout the summer, the interns will engage in outreach with the Latinx community to expand existing programs and re-establish the once forged connections, specifically in the Huntingburg area. The interns will begin with the previously identified contacts as well as establish new connections, garner feedback from representatives about how the park can best serve the needs and expectations of the community, and provide outreach within the community to establish a solid collaboration network. The interns will develop a minimum of two bilingual (Spanish-English) audience centered interpretive programs that can be experienced on or off-site, create outlines and plans with vocabulary lists that will help future interpreters present the programs, and develop methods and best practices for facilitating bilingual interpretive and education programs.

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