Curatorial Research Assistant


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Dates: May 23, 2022 – Aug 4, 2022

Compensation: $600/week + housing

Application Due: February 6, 2022

Must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.

All interns must be fully vaccinated for covid-19 prior to the start of their internship.

The Latino Heritage Internship Program (LHIP) seeks to engage young Latino/Latina professionals in natural and cultural resource research and management, interpretation, and public affairs.

Position Description: “The Cesar Chavez Foundation has an extensive archive of historic documents and artifacts from the target era. Working with Harpers Ferry Center (HFC) and the park, Cesar Chavez National Monument the selected incumbent would review photos and historic documents from this private collection onsite at the Cesar Chavez Foundation along with select items belonging to private lenders/organizations at offsite locations in Southern California as a part of a collections/archives/media survey for an upcoming exhibit project.
As a part of the project, the intern would be asked to digitize or scan select files. They would also be asked to summarize copyright and ownership information. The incumbent would be asked to populate a database or spreadsheet along with creating a final report/finding aid for future use by NPS staff and exhibit contractors. The intern will work remotely with staff from HFC. Harpers Ferry Center (HFC), is the location of the National Park Service (NPS) Interpretive Design Center program. It is situated in Harpers Ferry, WV within the boundaries of Harpers Ferry National Historical Park (HAFE).
The center is home to a host of subject matter experts with experience in exhibit planning, design, development,
media, museum collections management and museum curation.

Duties: Duties include completing a collections/archives survey, data management and entry, digital photography and scanning. This will require the handling of historic documents and images.

Natural and Physical Work Environment: In addition to the visitor center that tells the story of the farmworker movement and the peaceful memorial garden where César Chávez and his wife Helen are buried, a natural landscape of grassland and blue oak woodlands surrounds the monument. Most of the monument’s 117 acres is actually part of this landscape: Gently sloping hills scattered with gnarled blue oaks and views of surrounding mountains contribute to the sense of peace, respite, and refuge that residents and visitors find here.

The monument, also known as Nuestra Senora Reina De La Paz (Our Lady Queen of Peace) or simply La Paz, offered Chávez a personal refuge. Early each morning he would hike to the top of a hill to meditate and reflect on his work under oak trees and foothill pines, with expansive views toward the surrounding mountains.

La Paz is located at Tehachapi Pass, situated in the Tehachapi Mountains – a transverse range separating the Central Valley of California on the northwest, and the Mojave Desert on the southeast. The area is defined by Tehachapi Creek to the southwest, and a central hill within the site that gradually rises to about 3,000 feet. Most of the monument has an elevation of around 2600 feet.”

Abilities and Skills: Oral and written communication skills, organizational skills, experience with museum collections/archives, Proficient in Microsoft office and/or collections databases, familiarity with software used for digital imaging.

Education and Qualifications: Recent graduate or at least currently in their 3-4 year of an undergraduate degree.
Library, Archives, Museum Collection Management, Curatorial, Project or Asset management experience.

Vehicle and Driver License Requirements: Personal Vehicle and Drivers License Required. Applicant must have a valid driver license (and present it) and have a good driving record in order to operate government vehicles.

Housing: housing provided


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