Cultural Resource Management Intern

San Antonio Missions National Historical Park
December 4, 2020
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This internship will focus on researching the origin of the cemetery at Mission San José y San Miguel de Aguayo. There are a number of families that still live in the neighborhoods around Mission San José and have

many questions about the cemetery and where people were buried in the past. To properly manage and interpret the park, park management needs better information about this topic. The intern will look at primary and secondary sources about the history of the cemetery, including historic photographs and archives. They will have the opportunity to meet with families in person or virtually to discuss their memories of the cemetery. This work will build on an earlier report from the 1980s. The intern will write a summary report of their findings at the end of the internship program and do a public presentation to park staff and partners. Park staff and outside partners such as the city's cultural historian, academics from the areas six universities, and the county and Archdiocesan archivists will also be available to help the intern.  The intern will also participate in the park's Latino Conservation Week program partnering with interpretation and other park staff.

This position is offered through the National Park Service's Latino Heritage Internship Program in partnership with Environment for the Americas.

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