Community Engagement and Resource Management Intern

Saguaro National Park

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Dates: May 23, 2022 – Aug 4, 2022

Compensation: $600/week + housing

Application Due: February 6, 2022

Must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.

All interns must be fully vaccinated for covid-19 prior to the start of their internship.

The Latino Heritage Internship Program (LHIP) seeks to engage young Latino/Latina professionals in natural and cultural resource research and management, interpretation, and public affairs

The goal of this internship opportunity is to increase the STEM capacity of the community engagement & outreach program at Saguaro National Park.  The intern will work for the Community Engagement/Outreach unit in cooperation with the Resource Management division, with the goal of integrating hands-on field experience into educational and community engagement programs in underserved/underrepresented communities in Tucson, Arizona.  The intern will collect baseline data on Sonoran Desert plants, especially the park’s signature species, the Saguaro. They will be part of an existing team that will study cacti and climate change, then develop and carry out creative initiatives that incorporate this research into community engagement programs and help raise awareness about the park and its resources.

The Saguaro is central to the culture of southern Arizona. The local Tohono O’Odham people harvest the fruit in the park each summer, as they have for thousands of years. The park is monitoring the timing of saguaro cactus flowering and the success of fruit. We are also studying the night-blooming cereus, a unique cactus with a large underground tuber and a large, spectacular white flower. Saguaro National Park and other local groups celebrate these bloom nights with “Queen of the Night” public events. Interns will be key in leading conversation at these events that focus on storytelling and the sharing of oral histories as they relate to Sonoran Desert flora and fauna.

The intern will also be responsible for creating educational content for outreach events based largely on their field experiences. This may be done in person or as part of a social media series. Assuming COVID-19 numbers continue to drop and the park returns to normal external operations, interns will work approximately 70% of their time in Outreach, and 30% in Resource Management during their 12-week internship.

Natural and Physical Work Environment: Saguaro National Park is on the edge of Tucson, Arizona, a growing city of nearly 1 million people that is more than 46% Latino. Saguaro National Park is in the heart of the Sonoran Desert and spring and summer temperatures are typically in the 90-100 degree range. The park is about 30 minutes from downtown Tucson, and approximately 10 minutes to a grocery store from the east side district and about 20 minutes to a grocery store from the west district.  Tucson is about 46% Latino and Latinx communities abound, but centrally located in south and west Tucson.

Abilities and Skills: Candidates must be comfortable working in desert temperatures/outdoors and understand their limitations when it comes to safety. Climate acclimation will be key in their first few weeks.  Training will be provided by both our Resource Management team and our Community Engagement Coordinator. Public speaking is key in communicating what they are learning. They will be informal representatives of the park’s Resource Management division.

Education and Qualifications: Ideally, the interns will speak both English and Spanish and enjoy working with people, especially youth. They will have either a background or an interest in desert flora and fauna, and a natural curiosity for the outdoors and desert environments. The ideal candidates will enjoy working as part of a team and independently. They will be great team players and be coached to be excellent communicators.

Housing: Housing provided

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