Jazz National Historical Park – Manuel Alejandro Santos Álvarez

The Jazz National Historical Park is a small indoors park with a midsize stage full of instruments, music recording equipment, cameras, among other things. It’s like a small auditorium with TV screens and posters with information about New Orleans’ musical history. Unfortunately due to the pandemic the park has been closed for some time and in response the park has teamed up with its sister park, the Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve French Quarter Visitor Center, which is only a few blocks away. Even though their main exhibit halls are also closed, they have temporarily set up shop in the courtyard with a small exhibit in one of the outside rooms, which features a piano that people can play, a TV with a video detailing the history of the Louisiana as well as posters along the walls. There is hope that with all the recent developments that the parks will be able to fully open again soon. Here’s to hoping!

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