Its Always Sunny in Arizona!

The sun is defiantly a relevant character here in the Sonoran desert and a solar-telescope is even more relevant.

Being here with LHIP (Latino Heritage Internship Program), the goal established was to learn how to use a solar-scope and create a binder for the staff for easy transition.

Learning to use the solar-scope has certainly been exciting because it is an interest I have not dedicated time to that passion of mine. It is a great coincidence for LHIP and Tonto National Monument to have this amazing opportunity!

First off, I was taught to use it by a staff member who also shared the same story on how they becameinterestedThe view from the house!┬áin the sky, we both agree the beauty was a huge motivator factor. Of course, aside from its beauty, there is also an opportunity to make it accessible and attainable for communities of color. We see the need to show people of all ages the possibilities of learning about the sky and that it can be a subject of study or leaser for everyone. The sun, moon, stars, etc, don’t belong to anyone specific and everyone should feel able to study them if that makes them happy! I use my grandmother as an example. She has always love the sky because of its beauty and she even has binoculars a family member gifted to her. It is the initial curiosity that brings people in but the accessibility to nourish that curiosity is another story.

It is incredible to have a common understanding of these ideas with the staff member. It defiantly makes it easier to share and discuss the future plans we hope the park can accomplish.

As I discussed in my earlier blog post, I believe working with the communities near Roosevelt is incredibly important. Which makes this next opportunity so exciting!

I will be accompanying the staff to Globe for their first Fridays street fair in July. Here I will bring the solar-scope and encourage everyone to try it out! As well with important information for sun safety, interpretations and further information. I am very excited to connect with them and be of service to them. By this time I should have a how-to binder and interpretation notes. I believe I can successfully translate it in Spanish for anyone who want or needs it.

Finally, I want to help promote staying safe in the sun while enjoying it. Too often you hear “Don’t go in the sun, you’ll get darker” and it traumatizes children by not wanting to go outside and enjoy nature.

It is incredibly upsetting to hear it and I want to translate the message of not being afraid of getting darker, especially when you’re having fun in the summertime! With this comes the importance of sunscreen, as SPF (sun protection factor) is for UV rays not to decrease the tan. This then connects to being safe in the sun even if you get a tan, to know how important it is to protect form UV rays that can cause skin cancer and or damage. The sun is complicated but our relationship with it doesn’t have to be.

Every child, teenage, young adult and adult should have fun in the sun while being safe while not worrying about colorist ideologies. The sun is life and we should love it!

To conclude my account, the introduction binder is looking great and Im very excited to work with the community of Globe!


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