Island, Ferry, Sunken Forest, and Piping Plovers

A view at the salt marshes of Watch Hill at Fire Island National Seashore.

The “heart” of the magical Sunken Forest is where all trails converge. In this part of the forest, American Holly trees grow tallest and this is one of the oldest part of the park. Yet, the most interesting part of my first week these past days has been working with the natural resource management team. I worked with them along the beaches and the dunes to help the piping plovers during the mate season by enclosing their nest and protect their eggs and chicks from predators. Piping plovers are migratory birds that use the eastern coasts of the United States to nest during mating season, and Fire Island National Seashore has become a haven for them. These first experiences at the Fire Island National Seashore have been fresh and pleasant.

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Riding a boat to Watch Hill

Fencing a piping plover’s nest

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