Introduction: Marshall Morgan

Hi Everyone! My name is Marshall Morgan and I am a student at Arizona State University. I am currently double majoring in Sustainability (BS) and History (BA) with a minor in Parks and Protected Area Management. Before attending Arizona State University I lived in the border community of Nogales, Arizona where I grew up. From a very early age I fell in love with the National Park Service, as my mother and grandfather would always take me to a nearby National Historical Park. In addition to loving the National Parks, history, and the environment; I also love anything that could be considered nerdy/geeky.

Proud to rep my LHIP Uniform!

I hope one day to become an Interpretation Ranger with the National Park Service, so I am ecstatic that I will have the opportunity to intern with LHIP. Over the summer I will be interning with the Flagstaff Area National Monuments in Flagstaff, Arizona as their Education and Outreach Intern. The Flagstaff Area National Monuments encompasses the Walnut Canyon NM, Wupatki NM, and Sunset Crater Volcano NM. I was fortunate enough to start a week early, so this past week I have been exploring the different National Monuments!

I am looking forward to learning more about the different national monuments and engaging with the local communities! It should be a great summer and a great experience!

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