Art in the Park Flyer, Spanish version

Introducing My Project

As I enter the third week of my LHIP internship as a Community Ambassador and Educator Intern, the idea of my project has remained at the forefront of my mind. In some ways, it is daunting. The goal of the park and my internship is to boost community engagement at Blackstone River Valley park sites. As I have conducted outreach to community-based organizations and youth groups, I am unsurprised that many groups do not retain the capacity or bandwidth to collaborate on a program. This hope is not over, however, as I am still reaching out to more community groups. Although two groups are not available this summer, I have connected these groups with my supervisor at the park. One such group is a camp that serves refugee youth new to the area. Today, I joined a meeting with the camp coordinator and my supervisor to brainstorm program ideas for next summer, and we concluded that a program at the Blackstone River Valley National Historical Park would be an amazing opportunity to recreate at a beautiful site and learn about local influential history.


For my project, I am focusing on broad community outreach. The park would like to be more accessible to Spanish-speaking families, so I am translating and narrating the park’s welcome video and creating a Spanish web page for the park. I think that small actions like this will prove impactful in expanding park accessibility. Additionally, I have sought to attract more visitors to the park through identifying different community groups and centers, throughout historically Spanish-speaking Pawtucket, Central Falls, and also Providence, and sharing my bilingual flyers at these locations. My hope is that passersby may see park programs and try a new activity, like a guided bird walk or an art activity, at the park.


Art therapy has been a recent interest of mine. Slater Mill has a beautiful green park with great trees and shade; I am facilitating a weekly series of art therapy activities each Saturday beginning in July. My goal is to mirror art therapy activities that change every week. Some of the flyers that I have begun to hand out broadcast this program. My colleague, Gianna, the Fish and Feathers Intern, is also hosting guided bird walks throughout July. Our hope is that park visitors may stick around between tours and the guided bird walk for an art activity.

Art in the Park Flyer, Spanish version

Art in the Park flyer, Spanish version

I would like to reflect on community feedback as I carry out this project. I plan on engaging in conversations and informal interviews at my art activity program asking questions similar to, “Have you interacted with the park before?” Or, “How did you hear about this program?” It is through valuable feedback received that the park may learn which means of outreach works best, what population demographics are most interested, and which programs pique the most interest.


Throughout the rest of my internship, I hope to facilitate a wider-scale community event. The park is hosting a series of field trips with a local youth program, at which I plan on sharing some of the art activities. In the meantime, I am continuing to reach out to community-based organizations and trying to build some future community partnerships for the Blackstone River Valley Historical National Park.

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