Intro: Chris Para McComas

Hello everyone, I am Chris Para Mccomas, a senior at UC Berkeley and my major is American Studies with an Emphasis in Urban Community structures, population, and influence, with a minor in Journalism. I am the public history and interpretation intern for the Juan Bautista de Anza Historic Trail, which stretches from Mexico to San Francisco. I am looking forward to working on relevant and accessible creative projects for the community, with input from my small team while learning from other interns’ work and processes, I hope to further polish my creative storytelling and professional skills. I am from Downtown Los Angeles and I love exploring, skateboarding, art, and music. When working on any project, creative or academic I keep my home and its most marginalized individuals in mind. My community as well as my family, has been the motivating factors in my success as a student at Cal.

Prior to my start date, my supervisor Christopher Bentley and I drove to Point Reyes in Marin County to complete the background check and began getting to know each other while I gained a better understanding of the position and program. Then during our first day (which was a Field Day in San Francisco’s Presidio that intersects the trail), we met up with another intern, Eduardo, and his supervisor. We had conversations about the trial, program/schedule and the different meanings and types of interpretation, and the direction in which the field itself is taking. I am very excited to continue to visit sites and continue to work towards my project. Thank you so much to LHIP and the Environment for the Americas for this opportunity!

Part of the Presidio portion of the Juan Baptist De Anza trail.

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