Into the Breach

The bus is my friend. My campus is less than a mile from my house, and I’ve never been enthusiastic about enduring the hill climb that is hailed as the sole obstacle between home and school. Instead, I took the short 5-minute bus ride to and from school throughout the (overwhelming) majority of the school year, walking only when the bus schedule -or my sleeping schedule- faltered. This past Thursday, however, I decided to make a change and went on a gorgeous near-five-mile hike. At multiple points along the trail, I was able to see three volcanoes in a single frame of view: Cinder Cone, Lassen Peak, and Prospect Peak, three different types of volcanoes that looked breathtaking side by side. While I detest walking to places, this hike went by quickly and I enjoyed every minute of it. The hike also served the purpose of conditioning me for a 3-day backpacking trip in a couple of weeks, which has been incredibly intimidating ever since I was asked to participate for the reasons mentioned before. After Thursday, I feel more confident than ever and am excited to spend lots of time enjoying the views and especially hearing and identifying birds. (Video is recommended in HD)


This week also marked the third week I participated in bird-banding with Mike, the Wildlife Biologist. Below are some of the beautiful birds we are studying.

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