Interpretive Design Project: Freedmen’s Colony History

My main project this summer will be assisting the incredibly knowledgeable team at Fort Raleigh as they develop a new interpretive trail.

The Freedmen’s Colony from 1862-1867 is an important piece of American history that highlights the stories of African Americans as they escaped slavery, making their way to Union lines on Roanoke Island. Although they built a strong colony that supported 3,500 people, this story has been significantly forgotten and overlooked.
 Along a 1 mile (+) trail that runs from Fort Raleigh all the way to the shoreline, several waysides and educational visualizations will describe the conditions that created the Freedmen’s Colony. The information will be brought to life through the stories of real historical figures! In addition to giving programs about this history, I will be designing and writing interpretive material for two waysides.
I’m already digging into the history by researching and speaking with knowledgeable park rangers along with directly-connected community members. I will be sharing more as I go along.
Til then,
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