Interpreting the Sun!

Hello everyone!

As previously mentioned, first Friday in the town of Globe is coming up. Meaning I have been reading and learning a lot about the typical things people see when using a solar telescope.

It’s been a lot of solar flares, spots and the sun cycle. I am very excited to share and teach people how to use it at the first Friday community event! It has been a lot of planning to make sure the we can properly set up the telescope and aid in the viewing experience

There have also been a lot of translations! In my last blog post, I talked about the necessity to share sun safety and with two weeks before first Friday, I have been translating my work in Spanish.

The next upcoming idea is about a daytime program and with the wonderful co-workers I have, I know I can always ask for help when needed.

Especially with Latino Conservation week coming up, I really want to make it special and I have already talked to my supervisor who is very excited to see what we can do! I truly do enjoy community engagement and I can’t wait to put my skills in use once again.

Some days at Tonto are slow. Since its very hot during the summer time, the trail is only open until 12pm. For example, today the high is 105 degrees Fahrenheit! I am very thankful for my roommate, who is a spontaneous and responsible individual. She totally inspires me to get up and find things to do in the office, in the park or in the area!

We took a drive and saw this incredible view

Arizona is beautiful and I can’t wait to keep exploring it!

Its important to take a break when needed and there’s nothing wrong with that 🙂


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