Internal Colonial Model: Did The Missions do their job?

Looking at the social justice movements in the United States the theory does in fact exist and explains the current issues that have impacted Chicano/a communities. To indicate time of history we certify the 1848 the end of the Mexican-American war by the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo that has consequently been in violations to the promise of the people who had resided and had their land. Sadly the people lost the land due to not knowing their rights and not having anyone to come and educate them within their land rights and wrongly taken advantage of. This was the beginnings of racial, prejudice, and discrimination to the people of the southwest. Today we look at the neighborhoods that are low-income working class families or as Alinsky defines them as the “Have-Nots”. When we expose the southwest of the U.S., Diaz provides the migration and location of the Latino/a population as it has changed over time as well as the overcrowding factor, where they have been placed but not by choice as the examination of the redlining theory shows racial discrimination. By the manifest of the Chicano/a people subsequently it has seen in history of why social movements began because it was not written in history but stipulates the common struggle of housing markets, education, land rights, working conditions and the rights of all people to be recognized. El Moviemento never died out in the 1970s because the colonial model is visible but invisible for people to see for reasons today we seek to engage our communities through organizations called to action to help people of color, those are the movements following example of the late 1960s Chicano/a Movement ideals. So the question still remains, did the Spanish have the right to intrude the Natives’ culture, to take away everything they had learned generations passed on to them? Or did it need to happen making a new kind of culture here for the city of San Antonio? But for you radicals, we never have the real issue stated when a culture is taken away because many of the people chose to ignore that. So in my opinion the colonial model still exists. What’s your give or take on this model?

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