Inspiring The Next Generation

Since the camp has mostly ended me and my supervisors met to reflect on the work we did. We all agreed that the camp was a huge success and that the kids loved and enjoyed themselves. They were able to experience a summer camp, which is something not usually accessible to low-income BIPOC families. The children had access to a high quality music education, opportunity to learn life skills, and connected with a part of Louisiana that they haven’t been to before. For me though the biggest take away that I got from the camp was seeing the rapid growth of my student Carlos and seeing him step into a leadership role. He dramatically improved the course of a couple days and was able to execute all the information he was learning. He then took what he was learning and then skillfully demonstrated the same techniques to every kid at the camp who wanted play. It was remarkable and inspiring to see him grow and eagerly step into a leadership role. It’s also a good feeling knowing you have made an impact on a child’s life. Never would I have that I would be able to do something like this especially in a Bayou in southern Louisiana out of all places. This experience has made me realize the power we all have in making an impact on someone’s life. Whether we are aware of it or not, we are inspiring the next generation.

The first day of camp at the Bayou.

My guitar student Carlos on the left with his brother working on an art project.

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