Throughout my weeks here at Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial, I’ve met so many wonderful co-workers and visitors. If I have to choose one individual that inspires me it would be Farmer Anthony. Farmer Anthony is a park ranger that takes on the role of educating visitors down at the farm while also giving them useful bits of history dealing with Abraham Lincoln. He leads tours and excels in communication. Also, he is very easy going which makes him such a fun individual to talk with. When Farmer Anthony and I have conversations, it’s very complex and has such a deep rooted atmosphere to it versus other casual conversations I usually have on a day to day basis. In a way, I’d like to say he has reshaped my thinking in order to see things from different perspectives. As I’m saying, Anthony inspires me to keep propelling myself forward and always encourages me to step outside of my comfort zone. Doing so has furthered my education at Lincoln Boyhood and how it functions as well as engaging with all kinds of different audiences which is super beneficial to me. Another thing that spoke large volume with Anthony: During team safety meetings, Anthony made sure to comment on mental health and highlighted how this aspect of life is extremely important and must never be taken lightly.

On the days I go up to the farm and help Anthony, he understands I have free time outside of my “outreach project” so when I show up to help him during this free time, he is super grateful! It’s always so satisfying to see Cantaloupe, Pumpkins, Watermelon, Beans, etc. that we planted poking out of the soil. All of our hard work will pay off and I’m sure we will have great conversations about that in the near future 🙂 Its honesty one of my favorite things to look forward to throughout the week.


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