Inspiration in the air!

Living at Sequoia National Park I have been fortunate to meet wonderful people from all over the country of different backgrounds. The quality of life here is much simpler than what I normally am used to in Los Angeles, but I actually really enjoy it. Considering that there is no phone service, people are forced to become social and interact. I’ll be quite honest it can take a while to get used to as one does not realize how truly dependent they are of their phone for entertainment. It forces people to become extroverted and pass time by simply enjoying the community they reside in.

Engaging with so many wonderful people at the park makes it difficult to pin point just one individual that has inspired me at the park. Everyone that works at the park has their own significant story as to how they got to where they are now. It is admirable to hear the risks that had to be done that led these individuals closer to their endeavors.

All the individuals show motivation and are willing environmental stewards of this park and it is truly inspiring to become a part of this community and park. It has led me to realize just how reassured I feel that this career path I am pursuing was the right decision.


What are you goals and who has inspired you?


Till then,

Jonathan Tejeda

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