Information Management Training and Beginning the Research for the Scope Of Collections Statement for Chamizal National Memorial!!!

This week was intense and fun!  We completed the necessary IMT training in order to have access to the NPS computer system in time to start the Annual Inventory of the museum collections the following week. After our visit from Khallel from WACC, we had plenty of work to do in order to prepare for their return visit to transport archives and a/v reels to their facility in Tucson. I had plenty of research and reading material, such as the NPS-28 document, to engage with in order to begin the update to the Scope Of Collections Statement at the Chamizal National Memorial with my direct supervisor, Cultural Resource Program Manager, Mark Calamia. At the end of the week, we received packing materials for the records, archives and a/v reels that would be transported to the WACC facility later in the summer. Next week, we will begin the Annual Inventory of the museum collection and I am looking forward to the process. We’re getting closer to our trip to D.C. and I am so looking forward to meeting all the other LHIP and Mosaics interns. As always Pa’lante mi gente con mucho carino, y si se puede!!!

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