In Search of a Forgotten Past

As the objective of our archaeological project is to locate the 19th century pirate-slaver, the Guerrero, the majority of our work revolves around the act of searching, or doing survey science. Using National Park Service boats, the team sets out to survey, equipped with a magnetometer. A magnetometer is a device used to pick up magnetic anomalies in the Earth’s magnetic field, indicating where there may be metal on the ocean floor.        These anomalies are then translated onto a hand-held GPS as coordinates to be looked at closer by a team of divers. As we happen upon an anomaly, a weight and buoy are dropped, and the divers go in search of any metallic or historic objects in the vicinity. Depth depending, the dive could require SCUBA, or may only necessitate a snorkel.    All of our findings are recorded on our anomaly sheets, and are analyzed later in the day to determine if any of the sites are worth revisiting as possible locations of our lost shipwreck. With the incredible historical significance of the submerged site we are searching for, it is paramount that as scientists and archaeologists we use the most advanced and detailed search methods. Tirelessly we work to one day stumble across the lost remains of the Guerrero, to hopefully contribute a more in-depth and accurate portrait of the fantastic and tragic story of the men and slaves involved in the wrecking.  

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