In Birmingham!

This week I went to the Civil Rights National Monument in Birmingham, and loved it! It was amazing! I actually was able to take my mom and show her around. I went to the the park across the street from the institute, and got to see all the statues that represent what happened during that time. Like when the police used dogs to attack colored people. I then went inside and met with some of the staff and was able to tour the gallery and see all the Civil Rights monument had. I think one of my favorite parts was when they had some computers set up and I was able to see all the recordings of people explaining what they are most passionate about and a cause that they believe in. My mom and I actually recorded a video log talking about feminism and equality. I discussed how I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without her, and how feminism is taken as a dirty term in today’s society.¬† I hope that the Freedom Riders National Monument can have something along the lines similar to that, allowing people to video log important matters. I also loved seeing the section of the Freedom¬† Riders in the Civil Rights museum. It is a honor to see all that they have accomplished and to be a part of something bigger than me. Touring this Monument allowed me to see what the Freedom Riders National Monument may become, and I can’t wait.

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