IMRO Park Adventures

With my birthday being this week, my host site gave me a few days off to enjoy my birthday. With that free time, my family and I went around Colorado to explore some of the national parks and forests it has to offer. Since my host site isn’t at a park, but at the Intermountain Regional Office, I don’t have the luxury of working in a park everyday, so with that I decided to visit some parks that are part of the Intermountain Region to see what beauty there is to see. Down below are some photos of the great scenery I got to see and the places I visited. I am so glad I got to visit some of the parks that we service and got to explore this great state of Colorado! Taking this time off to explore some parks allowed me to get ready for the fun-filled week  coming up! We have Urban Ranger Training and Colorado Get Outdoors Day! Stay tuned for updates of all the fun! In the meantime, enjoy these photos from my free time!     



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