The view from the house!

Illinois to Arizona!

Hi everyone, my name is Yajali and I’m here at Tonto National Monument! Driving from Illinois to Arizona was a long trip, but with the help of my dad and mom, we made it safely (Featured image: The view from the house)!

When I finally arrived to Tonto, I was nicely greeted by my supervisor and said goodbye to my parents. When we were setting up in the house, my mom saw a hummingbird which are very important to her. She said,

Eso es una buena seƱal (English: That is a good sign).

I am a nervous person at first, so knowing she believed there was a sign of comfort for her, made me feel comfortable and happy. Especially with the amazing roommate I have! I love meeting new people, especially when they have stories and advice to share!

Arriving a few days before my first work day allowed me to settle in and continue reading up on Tonto National Monument. My roommate actually handed me a document titled “Archeology 102” written by two archeologist at Tonto. I learned so much that has helped me integrate myself to the location and surrounding communities. For example, the phrase “Salado people” is actually incorrect due to Salado referring to an ideology and lifestyle, not a specific group of people. There is a lot of information missing, but it is important to realize the limits to our information and to respect all people through the changing information. I appreciate being educated on it because it is crucial to my personal ideology to maintain respect and provide accurate information to the public.

Finally, I can say that every day I learn something new and I am surrounded by individuals who teach me by simply talking about their work. I enjoy hearing about what archeologist, interpretation and guides do at the park. It really opens up my mindset regarding career, jobs, and experiences I can pursue in the future.

Personally, I think it is very important to explore the communities you’re surrounded by in order to appreciate them. Can you imagine how excited I was when my roommate said Globe was having a street fair! I was able to eat tacos, frybread and see vintage cars along with local jewelry sellers. I might even get a tattoo in Globe…stay tuned!

Beautiful strawberry moon at around 7:45pm

The full moon was looking extremely bright that night!

Finally, my roommate and I watched the full moon come up and it was beautiful! I rarely see the moon so vividly in Illinois, except when I visit Mexico. Tonto offers a great night sky allowing the moon to shine in its full brightness. I am excited to see the night sky once the moon changes phase, learn about the sun using the solar-scope and continue meeting my amazing co-workers.

I am very excited to stay at Tonto and for all the learning I will be doing this summer!




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