I Can’t Believe It’s the End of July!

Most of the week was spent getting ready for Latino Conservation Week. Overall I think everything went well. I feel like we made some good connections that will come back to benefit the Seashore in

Reading “All the Way to the Ocean” by Joel Harper

the future. We developed a couple of bilingual flyers in order to get the word out. It seemed like most of the Latinos I talked to were pleasantly surprised to learn that we had information now available in Spanish. Alive After Five is a great place to reach out to new people. It is a great representation of how diverse the gateway communities are. I’m really glad that we are distributing information in Spanish because it gives us a starting point in initiating a conversation. Another great way that we developed interest was through the social media campaign we were working on. We developed some Spanish Facebook and Twitter posts, as well as a bilingual Instagram post. The social media outreach seemed to have a good response. On Saturday we held Seaside stories, treasures and crafts. The event featured a reading of the beautifully illustrated book “All the Way to the Ocean” by Joel Harper. The book focused on the danger and effects of pollution. The event was mentioned in a Long Island newspaper this week! It was super exciting and I felt like a celebrity. During the week a ranger and I went to a day camp for 2nd and 3rd graders at William Floyd High School. We presented the traveling trunk which is a collection of items that can be found on Fire Island. Most of my experience with the traveling trunk is as an interactive touch table. This was one of my first times working on it as a presentation, so it was good practice. Aside from that I spent most of my time studying for a special family night at the lighthouse, and preparing my poster presentation for Colorado. I can’t believe that it’s almost time for the LHIP training in Colorado. When I started my internship it seemed so far away. I’m just now realizing how fast the summer is passing by.

Article in the Long Island Advance

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