Hurricane Season :0

The sound of thunder and heavy rain has been the soundtrack of my Everglades experience so far.  At times it is very calming and peaceful.  Even though I understand the dangers of lighting, it is very beautiful to observe it. 

Everglades Hurricane Prep Day


Hurricane season in Florida is from June through late November.  The concept of a hurricane season is extremely intimidating to me but the National Park Service has established hurricane safety procedures.  As an intern I participated in Hurricane Prep Day by assisting in fulfilling some of the procedures that need to be taken in order to protect the collections and archives in the event of a hurricane.  Size fitted tarts have been constructed to cover the shelves that hold valuable artifacts. 

Everglades wet walk

Working for the South Florida Collection Management Center at Everglades National Park has proven to be a cultural and natural enrichment.  I had the opportunity to explore the park through a wet walk tour hosted by Environmental Education.  Venturing through areas with no trails the mud reached us knee high!  It was a struggle to walk through the mud but we proceed on. 

  Our last stop in the wet walk was an alligator hole.  Even though alligator sightings are typical in the Everglades, this was my first time seeing an alligator hole.  We took a few quick pictures and left in order not to disturb the alligator’s habitat. 

Everglades alligator hole


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