How John Muir NHS Cultivates Ideas

Hi all! My project is really taking off now. This week consisted of meeting after meeting regarding this incredible planning effort that I am so fortunate to be part of! We had an all-staff meeting where I got to meet everyone who works in the four National Park Service (NPS) sites–John Muir National Historic Site-JOMU, Rosie the Riveter, Eugene O’Neill, and Port Chicago–and talk over bagels, fruit, and coffee about the different things they do. I really enjoy picking everyone’s creative minds! Aside from the all-staff meeting, we also had a planning and internal scoping meeting regarding the Mt. Wanda/Strain Ranch land use planning effort. We met with NPS regional planners and landscape architects to discuss the future of these areas. We spent hours discussing how we envision these sites to be utilized and managed in the future. It is so exciting because everyone has great, diverse ideas and eventually they will be manifested at JOMU. In a couple years JOMU is going to offer so many new things to the public, so be sure to keep your ears open for upcoming news about JOMU! All over our meeting room there were maps of the park posted on the walls with brainstorming ideas written all over them. Just as a joke, the Superintendent carried a red permanent marker and claimed that he used it to cross out ideas he didn’t like. It was pretty funny. It is admirable how my team works so well together! I really hope I keep getting opportunities to work with such great NPS teams. In addition to making plans for this project and hashing out the main issues, my supervisors also took the time to discuss what they want from me. I have a good amount on my plate and I am ready to dive in. They have also asserted that they want me to have a holistic learning experience during my time here. I am scheduled to meet with other planners in the region to also pick their brains and gather ideas to assist my project, as well as to gain further insight on the different NPS careers. Can’t wait!

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