Historic Preservation in the Chihuahua Desert

Hi y’all! My name is José Madrid, and it’s a pleasure and a privilege for me to write this periodical post that will relate to my experience as a Latino Heritage Intern in a National Park. I’ll be spending this summer in the Resource Management office at Guadalupe Mountains National Park (GUMO), working closely with the cultural and natural resources specialists, as well as with a stimulating variety of NPS staff. This internship is an outstanding opportunity for me to apply the knowledge and skills acquired during my first year of my graduate studies in Historic Preservation at the School of Architecture, at Tulane University in New Orleans. I’m very excited to be working outdoors, learning from and taking care of the historic architectural structures in the park. This small but remarkable built environment tells the history of the human interactions with the sometimes rough nature conditions that characterize this beautiful paraje of west Texas. In the Guadalupe Mountains, exceptional geologic, biological and social features interrelate to each other, creating a unique cultural landscape that supersedes geographic borders, where the Chihuahua Desert plays a significant role. Join me during this summer to discover more about this beautiful national park and to learn how its precious natural and cultural resources are preserved. José  

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