Highlights From My Summer in Washington D.C.

As my internship is now winding down, I am looking forward to going back home and spending the rest of my summer with close friends and family. I am grateful for having the opportunity to spend the summer in Washington D.C. I loved working for the Park History department; they are a group of amazing Historians and some of the best people to work for. I won’t forget the friendships I’ve established during my time here; I hope it continues. But before I leave, I’ll leave you with a look into some of the highlights I’ve experienced in D.C. (in no particular order):


1. Saw theĀ 4th of July Fireworks, with new friends, on top of the Department of Interior’s rooftop

White House 1

2. Visited the Obama Residence in D.C.!

3. Added more stamps to my NPS Passport.

3. Added more stamps to my NPS Passport.


4. Touring the National Mall… several times.

Photo by Lesly Caballero

5. Met some amazing people at WASO! #PTCrew #latinoindoors Photo Credit: Lesly Caballero

NPS Name tag

6. Received my NPS name tag!


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