Hi! I’m Leslie Fuentes

Hello, my name is Leslie Fuentes. I’m 21 years old and a senior attending Hawaii Pacific University majoring in Marine Biology. I will be working at the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area in Santa Monica, California and am extremely excited! This opportunity will provide additional experience on learning how to conduct proper fieldwork and research about historic resources through a variety of methods. I can’t wait to be apart of a team that enforces the importance of learning by educating people about the history of their local surroundings. In addition, this internship gives me the opportunity to explore and learn about my own local surroundings. I have a distinct connection with the area. Growing up in Los Angeles gave me a personal interest in taking care of and educating people about our past, present, and future standing. I grew up swimming in this area, and I share some of the fondest memories with my family around Malibu, Point Dume, and Zuma beach! I grew up hiking down Victory Trailhead loop and Franklin Canyon. From these experiences I’ve witnessed first hand the diversity in Santa Monica Mountains, from the marshes to the forests. As I learn, I can teach someone else, and that’s going to be a skill that will be extremely advantageous to my future work.

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