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My name is Patricia Miguel and I am working at the Great Falls, Maryland location. I am local to the area but I am not all too familiar with the C&O Canal. This exciting opportunity will surely change that as I learn about the deep social history that is embedded in the cultural and natural resources of Great Falls. Being a socio-cultural anthropologist, these types of connections are fascinating to me because I love examining how human interactions shape and are shaped by their natural, social, and political environment. Growing up I used to go hiking and camping with my family and dogs in the Shenandoah Valley on the weekends. As time went on I began to go on these weekend trips less frequently and fell a little out of touch with my natural surroundings. Although I would still participate in outdoor activities, I would not completely immerse myself as I once did. Therefore, I am excited for this opportunity to get back outside and reconnect with all that nature has to offer, as well as, teach others about the beauty, recreation, and history nature can provide.

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