The shot heard around the world

Hi everyone! Greetings from the location of “the shot heard around the world.” I am interning at the Minute Man National Park in Concord, Massachusetts. In this location on April 19, 1775 the colonial militia of Concord and the surrounding area armed themselves against the approaching British Regulars. Little did they know how this interaction would help ignite the war which would birth this great nation. As a history major and overall lover of social history, I am excited to get to learn more about the history of this town and the people that lived here during the fateful day, and many years later like famous authors Louisa May Alcott and Nathaniel Hawthorne. Thanks to everyone for their support, and good luck on your own internships across the country. I know you will enjoy your time and further your development as leaders and representatives of LHIP and HAF. I’ll keep you posted on my adventures! – Karla Morales

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