Hello July!

Now starting to finally understand the system within our office, I have begun my own outreach and mini projects. Some of the projects I have been tasked with are shadowing and covering the efforts of the Urban Ranger program, going through Youth Corps manuals, and networking with other individuals and departments within the office. The different programs have allowed to me recognize the breathe of partnerships available and to also ask questions about funding, sustainability, and future partners. IMG_6557b This past Tuesday, I was able to shadow the Urban Rangers during their fishing clinic at Leehow Lake — about 25 minutes from our office. I was able to see them in action with the kids from local recreation centers and also talk to them a little bit about their work. I am hoping to put together some of the photos I took as a gallery to showcase some of the youth programming NPS sponsors. I really enjoy producing marketing material so it’s great that my supervisors are giving me the liberty to use some of my design skills. (Fun Fact: They let me drive a government vehicle to the fishing clinic which was super exciting!) As for reaching out to others in the building, I have set up a few meetings with an architect in Facilities & Management, and a Public Affairs Specialist in Communications & Legislation. As a graduate from an architecture program, I’m hoping these connections will give me a little more understanding of my field and other potential opportunities within NPS. Happy Fourth of July everyone! For the weekend, I will be visiting one of my good friends (and another LHIP intern!) in Santa Fe, New Mexico! From Colorado, Isabel

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