Hello and Goodbye!!

This week has been enjoyable, as I finally met people from the Latino Heritage Internship Program. At first I was both dreading and excited for the internship workshop. Dreading because I wanted to spend the last few weeks with the people at my historic site, because I will never know when I would see them again, and I was excited because I wanted to go to Denver, Colorado and meet the mysterious people from the webinars because I could not put a face to the names. This whole week has made me not only appreciate nature and the park service, but also my ethnicity. I was surrounded by people who were the same or similar in ethnicity, which was weird because I usually am not. The conference on Wednesday was very informational for my future and made me miss Little Rock more because of my presentation. My presentation was a video that I dedicate to my historic site because without them, I would have not become the lady I am today. They have opened up my eyes when it comes to diversity, and I was happy to share this with the other Latino interns. They were all nice and fun to be around, and I was sad to leave them. I just wish we all got more time together with an extra day or two to bond like we did Wednesday night when we played big Jenga. I will remember them as well and will definitely hangout with Jose and Jessica when I get back to California. Hopefully in the future I will see the other Latino Interns. This has been such a great opportunity for me!!!

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