Hello Again!!!!

Hello again! My name is Katrina Cossio and this will be my second year interning at the Latino Heritage Internship Program, instead of going back to Little Rock, Arkansas, I will be interning at Mount Rushmore, South Dakota for the summer. I am excited because not only will I be at one of the most visited historic sites but I will be working side by side with the person who is head of curatorial, which is what I want to do in the future. Although this internship sounds great, I will miss my family and another summer with them, but I know that this internship will benefit me and help me get a foot in with the National Parks Service. I am also excited because I always get placed in random or places I do not see myself staying at like Arkansas and now South Dakota but I do love experiencing different cultures and see what is in store due to being from Southern California, which I do love. I will miss Cali but cannot wait to be in a place where it is green everywhere!

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