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Everglades NP – Nike Missile Site HM-69 – LHIP interns 2017

In the subtropical wilderness of Everglades National Park swarmed by mosquitoes, Daniel, LHIP Cultural History Education Intern (Yey, he has finally arrived!) and I tour the Nike Missile Site HM-69.  As usual insect repellent is ineffective in keeping mosquitoes away but thankfully we have bug jackets, which is a bitter sweet feeling.  Bug jackets are effective in keeping the mosquitoes and no-see-ums from attacking us but by wearing the jackets we become extremely warm. Humidity and heat is very intense in south Florida. 

Everglades NP – Nike Missile Site HM-69

Located 160 miles from Cuba’s coast, the Nike Missile Site HM-69 served as a defense missile station in the event that missiles coming from Cuba would attack the United States.  For Latino Conservation Week, Daniel and I would like to strengthen the project Comparte tu Historia.  Initiated by Norma Hartell and Dyaami D’Orazio, 2016 LHIP interns, this project conducts oral history interviews from Cuban immigrants who arrived to the United States as children during the Operation Pedro Pan.  Much of the Cold War’s history is viewed through a military perspective. Conducting these oral history interviews would expand the narrative during a time in history that had many on edge. 

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