Guidance Turns into Action

This entire internship has been full of amazing curveballs. I did not have any prior knowledge or experience of any of the higher technological aspects of this internship and so I was shocked when I began to get the hang of things so quickly.

In the first couple of weeks I was weary of handling the heavy and expensive equipment. However I am grateful to Paul Anderson and Robert Arzola for trusting me and letting me take scans on my own. That’s always the most effective way to learn. In the office, it has been just as wonderful as in the field. They give me the scope and goals for the week to keep me on track and provide me with the freedom to experiment and troubleshoot. 

Through this I learned the importance of methodical target placement. It was something I initially thought was insignificant and random placement. In reality there is a real art to how to place them, to connect them to other stations. Now that I am doing the drawings, I realize we have missing information in our scans and so we need to make educated guesses using our other resources, which takes more time. 

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