Greetings from Brooklyn!

Hello! My name is Jeanette, I’m 24 years old and as my title suggests, I grew up in Brooklyn New York. I love to read, cook new recipes, and travel to new places. In undergrad, I decided to move to upstate NY, where I studied Archaeological Studies and History at the State University of New York, College Potsdam before completing a Masters Degree for History Museum Studies  at the Cooperstown Graduate Program. I pursued a masters in History Museum Studies because of my love for history, informal education, and connecting people to museums, particularly people of color and other underserved audiences. I believe that all museums and cultural institutions should be more inclusive and welcoming to people of color. I have yet to start my internship with the National Park Service in Washington D.C., but I can’t wait! I want to thank the Hispanic Access Foundation for this great opportunity!

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