Gratitude for this Experience

As we approach the week of the intern conference in D.C. and I have begun preparing my presentation, I have been doing a lot of reflecting on everything I have worked on, the things I have completed, the knowledge I’ve gained, and the people I have met. While there have been many amazing parts of my time, there are a few moments that stand out as some of my favorite parts.

  1. Completing every vegetation layer that data was available for, for each park in the Southeast region! These vegetation layers are an important item that will make up each Park Atlas map. It took a little while to get the hang of our workflow and the ArcGIS Pro software in general, but towards the end of the process of creating them, I was in quite a rhythm!
  2. Meeting with several other GIS professionals who work in other regions of the Park Service. It was so interesting to have a different perspective on the uses and applications of GIS in our parks, and they were super helpful in helping me get the Park Atlas maps off the ground. It is so interesting and cool to see how many different people work in GIS in the Park Service, and it is really encouraging and inspiring to see other women and hispanic people doing the kind of work I aspire to do as well.
  3. Making my first Park Atlas live! Though we are still working out some kinks regarding Portal (the website that hosts internal-only maps), my first couple of Park Atlas maps are complete and ready to be used by parks! These are just the first of many, as only 2 are live out of about 70, but this is a wonderful start and the rest will begin to be published very soon.

There are many exciting things that have happened lately and there are many more to come, but for now I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to get to explore one of my biggest interests and grow my GIS skillset.

(Featured image: Stepping away from the computer to celebrate the Fourth of July in some local nature. :))

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