Grateful for the Week

 I am now about five weeks into my internship and it still feels like I just got here. This week has been somewhat busy as I try to get back into working mode since I missed last week. I started the week with the gathering of information for my Storymap; with so many sources of information it can get difficult trying to compact it all to tell a uniform and immersive story. My goal for this project has been trying to design this Storymap in a way that everyone can use it and make a personal connection to the story as well as learn something new. But I have discovered that this can be difficult when it involves the public view, since everyone has a different perspective towards the information being presented. Not only has the information that I am trying to deliver through the Storymap stumped me, but so has taking into consideration those with disabilities that are not able to experience the same information in the same way. Creating something for them to experience at the same level as someone without a disability can be somewhat difficult. As I ponder on that, my week has also consisted of a site visit from the program supervisor, Daniel. It was great finally being able to meet him after so many emails and phone conversations, when he came to the office and I showed him around. The visit consisted of me showing him the projects that I have been working on and talking to my site supervisor. I also had the opportunity to join him and the intern at the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park, Eduardo. Eduardo was great and showed us around the museum, which is not typical for national parks.  It mainly consists of many older ships that need to be on the bay and most of the museum collections can be found in the somewhat distant surrounding areas, creating an unusual location for a national park. While there I was able to take a tour of one of the boats that explained the mechanics of it, which turned out to be more interesting than expected. Later that evening I also had the opportunity to go to dinner with Daniel, Eduardo, and Ilianna, another intern in the Bay area working at Rosie the Riveter. It was great being able to meet them all and hearing about their projects and the amazing work they have been doing. I have had an amazing week thus far. As for today, I have the opportunity to go on the Alma Sail, part of the Maritime park, that takes the public around the bay. The superintendent of the Trail I work in is the best and organized this trip for me and a few other interns in the building, so I am super excited to be able to do this today. Overall this week has been great and I am so grateful for this internship, the people I’ve meet, the people I work with, and just overall the opportunities this internship has given me.

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