Goodbye SAMO!

Sorry for this exceptionally long hiatus, I was out of town for about a week and a half and I didn’t take my computer with me, hence this late post. Anyway, let me tell you about my last week working at the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area! I spent the entire week in the office adding as much data as I could into the never-ending archaeological survey spreadsheet. That file became my child; I added to it daily, I knew it front and back, and I could tell you what was and what wasn’t included in the spreadsheet. On my last day, I made sure to triple save my work so that my coworker, Brittany, could continue where I left off, after all, it was originally her project before it became mine. My last day at SAMO was filled with donuts, coffee, and burgers, not to mention countless farewells and see-you-soons, because I was definitely coming back to this place I grew to love. I couldn’t have asked for a better assignment and location for my internship this summer. I learned valuable career tips that I could use if I wanted to pursue my dream of becoming an archaeologist, and I got loads of advice about graduate school programs that many of my coworkers were in or had participated in. From going on weekly archaeological surveys to camping out on Santa Rosa Island in the Channel Islands National Park to going stargazing with the SAMO Youth, this summer was nothing short of amazing here at SAMO. And the fact that I could serve as a role model for the SAMO Youth as they finish up high school or prepare for college was definitely a humbling experience, especially because I could see myself in them and they in my shoes as a Latina college graduate from their hometown of Los Angeles. I am forever thankful to the Hispanic Access Foundation for providing me the opportunity to intern through the Latino Heritage Internship Program at the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area! Muchísimas gracias to all of the staff at HAF, SAMO, LHIP, LO, NPS, and all of the other acronyms that made this internship all that it was and more, I hope to participate in upcoming events in the future! Until then, find me at the Santa Monica Mountains, or better yet, find me in YOUR park wherever you may be! 🙂

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