Going Virtual- How I managed to adjust

With my internship at the San Antonio Missions changing towards virtual community engagement, I have learned so much.

Granted at first I didn’t know what to expect but over the past few weeks the staff at the park has provided me with so much guidance. I have been able to attend multiple webinars that have also helped me brainstorm ideas on how to keep in contact with our community during this time period. Our park has been able to quickly adapt to the change in environment, we now offer virtual yoga classes every other Saturday morning through a partnership with Mobile OM. Friday date nights on Facebook Live have also become a new norm for the park, where we offer the public a chance to wind down on a Friday night and join us with a free talk about the history of alcohol at the Missions, an art lesson by our artist in residence and so much more.

One thing that I have had the pleasure of doing is an Instagram live talk with Park Ranger Chantelle Ruidant about Latinos and conservation. This took place June 19th and it was such a great experience to talk about how my family has been sustainable but also how the Latino community has been a part of the sustainable/conservation movement all along. We plan on having another Instagram Live talk soon, so keep an eye out for more information!

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