Getting Ready for Colorado

Hello Everyone

For the most part things have calmed down here since the big events are all done, but there’s still work to do. I’ve begun translating all the information that we are writing for the bird publication, which is pretty cool. It’s a really good chance to practice my Spanish again, which I desperately need. I have also had a few groups come into the park this last week. The picture above is a group of kids looking at a mountain lion pelt. They were super shocked by it, which was nice to see. I also got them some Tule Elk antlers, other pelts, and whale bones. They loved it, and I was happy to have them there. Doing programs and taking people out on walks and getting them involved with the park, no matter the age, is my bread and butter. These kids were 5th graders mostly, which is still my comfort range. Once again, it’s just nice that my supervisor lets me kind of do what I want. He trusts me and knows I do good work. Also, he’s too busy to say otherwise. So it’s a win-win scenario.

Other things going on out here include that we are doing a lighthouse restoration project in a week. Our lighthouse will be restored for the fist time since 1870, which is pretty crazy. It will be closed for two months, which probably means six months…but we will see. People are pretty mad about that because they travel across the country sometimes just to see our lighthouse. So that may be an issue, but I won’t be around to deal with it since we are done in two weeks. The only thing left is that Colorado is coming up in a few days. I am both nervous and excited because I don’t travel very much. I mostly just travel for races, but this is a new scenario. I am excited, though, as it will be cool to see everyone and what they all have going on.


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