General Jackson

Today I went around Anniston, Alabama, with Tiffany, Pete, and General Jackson. General Jackson is a Anniston citizen who seems to be all about the Freedom Riders. We had a meeting today to check out a building that could possible be a tourist stop for the Freedom Riders National Monument. General Jackson has all these ideas about creating a civil rights culture stop that includes a restaurant of some sort and a gift shop for the Freedom Riders. It was great to see General Jackson himself and the community get involved with the process of getting this national monument up and running. Like he said, “we have to get the ball rolling.” I also stopped by this little joint that sells authentic Anniston food, and had the privilege to try my very first scramble burger which was delicious. This week has been mostly getting the word out for the Freedom Riders as well as working in the office on the Birmingham Civil Rights National Monument Booklet. I am so excited to say that next week I will be going to Birmingham to see the Birmingham Civil Rights National Monument. I am thrilled that I get this opportunity and am able to see just the┬ábeginning of something great. I also wanted to share that in the office we get all kinds of visitors and this week we had someone bring a corn snake to show us. I’m loving everyday; it’s an adventure some days as I’m busy tediously working on graphic design projects and other days I am seeing historic buildings, meeting new people, or even having encounters with wildlife like I did the other day.

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