From Watch Hill to the Estate!

What a crazy and fun journey it has been so far interning for Fire Island National Seashore! I wish I could show you guys the beauty of this park in person because photos do not show justice. As Fall approaches so does change here at the park. Soon the park sites on the island like Watch Hill and Sailors Haven will be closing its doors to visitors and limiting the ferry rides due to the island closing for the upcoming winter. I have had the opportunity to extend my time here till the beginning of next year and continuing interning through Environment for the Americas here at Fire island. This chance to stay and see the park in a whole new season has brought me so much joy and excitement. Being from Miami, Florida all I know is heat and beaches and I have never experienced a true New York winter or Fall or even seen snow. So, by that you can already know I am excited but also scared to see what the winter cold will be like for me. Luckily, I was able to move to a home that is much warmer and a little closer to our offices and that is the William Floyd Estate in Mastic Beach; Our historical site here on Fire Island. It’s a huge change from having the Watch Hill beach as my backyard to the William Floyd forest but this place is just as beautiful. I am surrounded by history and color changing trees and you can smell the fresh cold air as I walk from my car to my front door. This place almost reminds me of my home at Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site, where I interned last summer, so there is a feeling of nostalgia when I am here. I am eager to find out what the next couple months will be like for me. During this season we will focus on school educational virtual programs and videos where we get to interact with kids and show them Fire Island through a zoom like setting. My first Spanish program is coming up in few days, I will be showing the Patchogue community the beautiful treasure that is Fire Island and what it has to offer. This will be my first time doing an all-Spanish program, so I am a little nervous but nevertheless ready to interact with visitors and show them Fire island through my eyes.

From Watch Hill to the Estate has been a big change for me in the last couple of days but I have a feeling I am going to love it here just as much.

Till next time!

Stay tuned for my next blog for updates on my adventure

  • Jhulian G.
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