From Coast to Coast

 2020 has been a year of change, adjustments, and transitions. My internship was not exempt from these changes.

Within a span of two weeks I have worked remotely from home in California, traveled across the country, and settled in my new home and workplace. This summer I will be at Fort Raleigh National Historical Site, in the outer banks of North Carolina.  Here, I will be working with the interpretations division of the National Park Service. I find that everyday I learn more and more about the groups of people featured in this park and their history. Being on this island takes me back in time. There is so much history, you can’t help but wonder and create scenarios in your head of  how the English settlers lived. Or how the lost colony of 1587 disappeared, or the freedmen’s colony first glance at freedom in 1587. As of now, I only know the general information and stories about these people. But I am so excited to begin my research and projects in attempts to better understand the history of this site and be an effective interpretation intern here at Fort Raleigh National historical Site.

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