Friends come in all shapes and sizes – Marshall Morgan

Hi Everyone & Greetings From The Flagstaff Area!

Every week when I write one of my blogs, I can’t help but smile when I reflect on the amazing time that I have been having at Walnut Canyon NM, Sunset Crater Volcano NM, and Wupatki NM. Not only do I get the work at these fantastic historical and environmental sites, but I also get to work with an amazing team full of amazing people! From the Rangers, WNPA Personal, Volunteers, and other Interns, everyone has been so friendly and welcoming! While working with the Flagstaff Area National Monuments is great, it’s the people that truly make it an amazing experience!

Some Of The Amazing People That I Get To Work With!

Aside from spending time with the amazing people in the Flagstaff area, I also had an amazing opportunity to make some friends with the animals of Walnut Canyon National Monument this week! One of the coolest and most unique animals that I met this week isn’t a native to Walnut Canyon, but she visited the monument with her parents and sister. This unique animal was a Mexican Iguana that was traveling across the United States with her family. Another cool animal that I was able to meet this week is Walnut Canyon’s very friendly and photogenic squirrel that I have named Teddy. Teddy is a Rock Squirrel that often comes to hang out by the monument visitor center. As there are water bowls, shade, and Cliffrose (food), Rock Squirrels have been using the available resources to their advantage.

I can’t wait to share more about my experiences here in Flagstaff and I’ll make sure to keep you all posted on Teddy and the other amazing animals that we have here!

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