Freedom Riders National Monument, Anniston, Alabama – Week 2

This week went by so fast. I am still in the background check portion of my internship. I didn’t realize there was so much to that. I also got my very first big assignment. I am in charge of making a Junior Ranger handbook and badge for the Freedom Riders National Monument. I had to do a ton of research and I still continue to do more. The research is pertaining to what other Junior Ranger handbooks look like. Reggie and Pete have provided for me a few to look at, therefore I will be able to  get a good grasp of what and how I should format the handbook. I think the handbook will focus on the main point of the Freedom Riders story, which is rising above adversity. It will highlight and spotlight the Freedom Riders and their struggles.  I also am trying to get our park to have a Latino event sometime soon. I hope to be able to have it at the Greyhound Bus Station. It may not be a huge event, but I do hope to be able to get the Latino community involved with the Freedom Riders National Monument.  These past two weeks I have learned so much during the planning process.  I now know that things take time and determination. This picture is with Pete Conroy in the Environmental Policy Information Center. This is normally where all my office work and planning takes place.

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