First Week at the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park

Excited and unsure of what to expect, I arrive at the San Antonio Missions National Historic Park in San Antonio, Texas on my first hot summer day at the park. The day began with an exciting walk around the park with my supervisor being introduced to many of the park employees. During the first week, I have begun to learn about the history, preservation, and natural resources that the San Antonio Missions has to offer as well as how to assist visitors at the park.

Mission San Jose

My position as Urban Ranger will be to visit summer youth programs throughout the city of San Antonio to provide a program for the children where they learn about the environment around them and to understand the lesson that you can find nature anywhere!  The kids will go outside with binoculars and magnifying glasses to look for different birds, flowers, trees, and other parts of nature, as well as part of the history of the San Antonio Missions National Park. Along with this program, I will be working at the visitor center at the San Jose Mission for about two days out of the week. Although I was nervous to jump right into giving directions, and answering phones because I am so new, after shadowing and having my supervisor giving me constant information I actually knew much more than I thought! Additionally, the environment at the park office at the San Antonio Missions San Jose is wonderful and filled with friendly, kind people. The mission of the park is seen through the way that the office is run; for example, almost all the lights in the building are kept off and natural light is used to light the offices for conservation purposes (except for the lights you need). I look forward to starting the Urban Ranger Program and sharing my experiences with you!

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