First Week at Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial

For my first week at Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial, we walked a lot around the trails and went around looking at the cabins and farm animals that the park has. We shadowed the other workers here as well when they were giving the school children tours of the place and giving them information on Lincoln and his childhood. It was nice to see the children’s faces light up when they were getting their Junior Ranger badges and getting sworn in. We also noticed people of different ages coming in to get their stamp of the park. My favorite part of the first week here was that I got to pet Jack the horse, who walked up to us without hesitation. He is a big black horse with a white spot on his forehead. I’ve never seen a horse that big or that friendly before, so while it was a bit scary at first, it was ultimately one of my favorite things I did. We also made some corn husk dolls, which were surprisingly easy to make.

Overall, this first week was a lot of learning opportunities as we got to see our coworkers do their jobs so naturally. We were advised to see multiple people give their speeches as they are all slightly different and we can learn different things from different people. My partner and I even went over the big panels that they have carved on the outside of the visitor center depicting different people and events in Abraham Lincoln’s life that we were able to learn for the most part already. Last, I want to mention how I overcame one of my fears and touched a snake that they caught outside the visitor center and were relocating to a better place in the forest. The whole park itself is a memorial for Lincoln and the 14 years that he spent here.  

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